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    Find out about the ISM Trust, a new charity set up by the Incorporated Society of Musicians to promote and safeguard music.

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    On Wednesday 11 January, Jane Werry will be offering you some ideas for KS3 assessment. This webinar is brought to you by Music Excellence London and the ISM Trust.

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    Join us for a free webinar with performance coach Charlotte Tomlinson on Friday 20 January.

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The ISM Trust has been created with the clear purpose of ensuring that we live in a society that values and supports the power of music and music education.

We  promote the value of music and offer invaluable support, guidance, knowledge and encouragement to musicians and the wider music community so that music can continue to be a strong and developing force within our society.

You can help us continue our important work to ensure music is valued within our society by leaving a gift to the ISM Trust or becoming a friend.